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"These are the winter's of our discontent..."


Quotes of the month:

"The best thing about the future, is that it comes one day at a time." - Abraham Lincoln

"NEVER laugh at Live Dragons." - Tolkein - The Hobbit

"I know I am going nowhere, so anyplace is a good place to be" - Harry Chapin

"A mind stretched to a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"We make the future as we make the truth." - David Bowie


I am the kaleidoscope of the mind
I impart light, color and perpetual motion.
I think, I see I am moved by electric fluidity.
Constant only in my inconsistency.
I am unshackled by mundane holds,
Unchecked by sturdy, binding goals.
I run, unimpeded through virgin paths.
My spirit unconquered -
My soul forever free.
I am the Horse.

- Chinese Horoscope

realm-mik "Forever trust in who we are ... and nothing else matters." - Metallica, it is a phrase I live by. The unknown things of the dark have shined their countenance in my direction and life is good. "Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us." - Thomas Browne. I truely believe this and hope that one and all can hear the happy beat of my different drummer. Merry Meet and good hunting through my Lair!


A soul of the night revealed to me that there is great beauty in all things. If you only know how to find and use the keys you have to unlock it. Amongst the things that I keep here in my humble abode are many keys. One need only turn them to unlock pathways to many places.

Aerie keys

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Amazon.com Held within the thoughts of the dragon are numerous volumes of Ancient lore. One need only know the correct questions to bespeak the Wyrm and the knowledge shall be opened unto thee.


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"Never forget or underestimate the power of Estrogen." - Mikhala

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