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It is the year of fire,   the year of pain,   the year our great star went Nova.
The Battlegroup Project is our last best hope for honor and fun. .
With our hundreds of Klingons & Aliens alike,   we set out amongst the stars. . .
A self-contained organization many Hundreds of miles abroad,   located outside of Klingon territory. . . .
From the Darkness and Ashes of the old,   we emerge anew,   ready to take our rightful  places. . . . .
To seek out glory and honor where we will,   Our names remembered for all time. . . . . .
For we live on, in the hearts of all those know us,   Shining beacons  in space,   all together in the night. . . . .
And our voices will echo in the halls of our ansisters forever. . . . . . .
It is the dawn of the fifth age of fandom,   the year the great glory came upon us all. . . . . . . .
This is the story of the Battlegroup program, .. the year is 2007...   The name of the place is, . . . . . . . . .
Battlegroup !!
Together we are the Battlegroup.

Supreme Commander
K'Lagg zantai-KURKURA

BlackIce Fleet
Commanding Officer:
Colonel. G'ob L'in sutai-K'mengle
. .
. .

Flag Ship of Battlegroup
IKC Shadow Blade
Commanding Officer:
General. K'Lagg zantai-Kurkura

Kurkura Fleet
Commanding Officer:
Colonel. Khy'Lik sutai-Kurkura
. .
. .

Eclipse Fleet
Commanding Officer:
Colonel. Kellien sutai-Kahl
. .
. .

of Kag & 
epetai of the House Kurkura

Commanding Officer:
Thought-Admiral. KRIS epetai-KURKURA
Admiral's Retirement Ship

Lorr'Dahn Fleet
Commanding Officer:
Colonel. K'Eldak sutai-Lorr'Dahn
. .
. .

USS Naginata
Federation Ambassadors Ship
. .Also visit the

. .

Mascott of Battlegroup. 

IKC Hungry Wolf
Klingon Ambassadors Ship

The Honored Hero's
Howl for them, for they have joined the honored dead in the Halls of Sto'vo'kor
And will forever be in the Hearts of, and remembered with honor by the members of Battlegroup!!

Da'Har Master
John Colicos
. .

Gene Roddenberry
. .

Da'Har Master
DeForest Kelley
. .

Former CO of IKC Wolf & BlackIce Fleet
Colonel. H'Tung sutai-Dr'ule
Darrell Brown
. .

. .
Our Members are always ready for battle!!

Join our Battlegroup Armada of Ships!
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Artwork from some of our Battlegroup members!!

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Battlegroups Ambassadors


. .

Bajoran Ambassador:
Talara Ka'Ching

Klingon Ambassador:
Vor-pah vestai-Klaus

Andorian Ambassador"
Laran Sutter
. .
Rules for Battlegroup
(1) Have Fun !
[Not a Hard one to follow]
(2) Any & All can join free!!!
[We don't care where you live, who you are, what you like best, be it Sci-fi or Fantasy, or even weather you wish to be a active or in-active member, all are welcome]
(3) Make a uniform & send us a photo!!!!
[Photos are great because most of the time we never get to met face to face our members, its nice to have some idea who you are and what you look like]
(4) Form a group and Have Fun !!!!!
[Again not hard to follow, plus it gets you noticed, you make friends, & maybe even your present friends might like to play & have fun too]

May Kah'less bless the 8th year of Battlegroup !
So what is Battlegroup??
WELL!! . . . . BattleGroup was created in the spring of 1999 by The Thought-Admiral KRIS [John Halverson]
and many others [to many to mention here, but they know who they are :) ] as a way for Klingons, Alien Races, Sci-fi fans and
Star Trek Fans alike to unite from all over the world with just one goal in mind.
To Have FUN!

So who can join??
Anyone can join Battlegroup no matter what  group they presently belong to or where they live.  Anyone & Everyone are Welcome,
in BattleGroup everyone agrees to recognize one common theme, we are all here as equal Sci-fi Fans as well as to have fun..

Priorities for BattleGroup are:
(1) Recruiting new members and starting new groups.
(2) Getting the members uniformed. (& photoed)
(3) Finding goals and pursuits that will unify our club and keep things fun..
(4) Having no Politics. Getting the notion out that our club doesn't  play the politics game.
BattleGroup has a "No Politics" policy in place. . Battlegroup just simply does not allow it, period..
(5) Challenging our members to do things that interest them & their group.
[examples; Charity Events, Blood Drives, Bowling , Gaming or even Blood Wine drinking contest etc...].

What is the operating Range for BattleGroup is??
Simple, . . .  Anywhere. .&   Everywhere...
This means that BattleGroup covers anywhere on the globe that a member or group wish or wants to belong from,
we don't care where the member lives or who they are, all are welcome. & the best part, its Free to join...

What are the real Rules??
[Besides the 4 fun rules listed above!!]
BattleGroup  follows many of the same guidelines set forth many years ago for Kag by Thought Admiral KRIS. .
Below are the four main rules that all Battlegroup members agree to follow at all times.

1.  To Have Fun ! [At all costs]
2.  No Live Steel !! [No dangerous weapons near the public]
3.  Don't Embarrass Battlegroup !!!! [Control your urge to go a bite to wild]
4.  The Thought-Admiral Makes The Rules !!!!!
{ Yes, Thought-Admiral. KRIS Has retired, But as far as members of Battlegroup are concerned he is Still and also will be our Official Thought-Admiral}


To join or learn more about BattleGroup click here:
. .

"If you have to pay for publicity, you're doing it wrong". Keep your money. Share your enthusiasm, your talents, and your Klingon ego.
Three major tried-and-true media areas: Print. Radio. Television.

They can, in their fine typesetting, give locations and/or directions to your "BIG EVENT/ PROJECT". After said event, they can have interviews, show pictures,
and possibly give contact information. Groups can (could, and should) build a scrapbook of stuff they've done, and flop it on a recruiting table, for the passersby to peruse.
Shows people that you actually DO things, and know how to have fun.

It's okay, but tricky. In large cities/venues, getting a blurb mentioned can be tough. Small cities or areas--easier. They can give swell directions and info, IF written out for them.
Man-on-the-street interviews are usually choppy, and we don't come across so well there...unless one's ready for it, and knows what to say... Stick some Klingonaase into your spiel for fun.
Have a spokesperson. Play it in character, OR speak clearly. Try not to stutter, and go easy on the "you know", "Uh", and "Like...well...
" Focus, a clear head, and a sense of mission will win the day.

Boo. Hiss. No thanks! I don't "play" for the cameras any more. Took me a while to re-think TV. Any --make that ANY--use of Trek fan footage is going to be used at the end of the broadcast,
with the air of "what are those goofy Trekkie geeks doing NOW?" Color commentator will say cutesy crap, and the two anchors will yuk it up with closing quotes of their own.
We cannot win that scenario, so... why play there?

AND... where to start.
Invitations. PR. Publicity. Sending out PRESS RELEASES: Yeah, Baby! You give 'em ALL the info. Who, what, where--exactly, and when. Who to contact with email and phone number...
Perhaps a photo of the group from an earlier endeavor attached. Scrawled--neatly, neatly!!-- in Red Ink the lovely words...PHOTO OPP. Photo opportunity. For a newspaper,
that adds some spice, and might fill up room they haven't sold for ads. The paperwork--cover letter with info, possible picture-- gets mailed to the newspaper.
If they like it, if they want it, they'll call. Mail at least one week ahead of the event; the editors will make their assignments, and hopefully, the Groups piece will get the nod.

Subsection: Magazines
Glossy stuff, and the not-so-glossy, like "Parade" in the Sunday paper. Their scheduling is different; it's summer now, so they're already at work on their fall/winter issue Plan ahead.
Way ahead. Mail your PR early. Maybe you're thinking, "Well, we'll just use email." It's limp, pal. Like the difference between getting a real birthday card in the mail and one of those e-cards.
Real mail shows you took the time and trouble to send the editors or reporters something they can hold in their hands. When it comes to PR, snail mail prevails.

Klingons LOVE to show off, and we of Battlegroup are probably THE BEST when it comes to pulling off great events. So, have a good barbecue... if that's what you do.
And  IF you do, Fed-Ex me some brisket!!

For Battlegroup!
John Halvorson
5624 Fair Ave 116
North Hollywood CA 91601

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   1 Mar, 2007