Some notes on ourselves and what we try to do here on the web:

For the record: We are still in "the stone age" here, trying to establish ourselves on the net with feeble, small steps

Brattholmen skule is a primary school with 270 students, presently, aged 6 through 12. The school is located at a small place just west of Bergen on the island of Sotra.

Our county (kommune) is called Fjell. There are presently about 18,000 people living here. The closeness to Bergen makes our county very convenient to live in, and lots of new families are moving here every year. Many of our students have moved here from Bergen in recent years.

We have 15 medium size classes, ranging from 12 to 24 students in each. The parents are very supportive.

We are more than 30 full and part time teachers in 1999/00. Besides we have many school assistants helping out in classes, and four cleaning assistants responsible for clean rooms, blackboards etc. We also offer students aged 6 through 9 organised activities after school till about 4.30 pm. There is also an offer for parents to send their students before school starts.

We are interested in establishing contact with schools all over the web to discuss matters relating to education of primary school children, particularly in using the net. We are about to start running training for our staff in using the INTERNET - web and e-mail. Still the web is challeging enough for most of us.

For 1999/00 our plan is still to:

  1. Use the WEB in practical teaching situations to gather info.
  2. Development of teaching plans for and skills of grade 7 students and start the process for grades 6, and 5. The objectives will be to make the students familiar with search tools for web and use these for collecting information, and establish contact with schools/students on an e-mail basis in order to practice English and also get info from students their own age.

Some of our teaching staff in 1999/00: