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Hi! I am Ho Tor Kwun and in my simple homepage I would like to share with you something interesting about numbers. Although numerology has come to mean the study of the occult significance of numbers, I would like to go back to the root words NUMERUS (a number) and LOGY (science or study)and treat numerology simply as a study of numbers.
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Numbers in Nature

There are a lot of numerical patterns in nature. For instance, the sun comes singly, the wings of a bird come in pairs, while the states of water come in 3's... In nature we see the marvels of mathematics and numbers because God is the Master Mathematician.If you look at a pineapple, you see that its florets are arranged in 2 sets of spirals, one set goes up to the right and the other to the left. The number of spirals in the 2 sets are usually 8 and 13 which are what we call consecutive Fibonacci numbers. There are similar spirals on an asparagus tip(3 and 5), pine cone(5 and 8) and sunflower head(34 and 55). Scientists believe that such numbers are to let distance between neighbouring leaves or florets become as large as possible.

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Numbers in Culture

Numbers also feature prominently in cultures and customs.To the Cantonese, 8 is read as FATT meaning to prosper, so 8888 is a lucky number. The Chinese dislike odd numbers because the Chinese word for it is DAN meaning alone. At weddings, make sure you give red packets with cash in even amounts, because fortune comes in pairs. To Westerners, 13 is an unlucky number and in most hotels you cannot find a room No.13. Different races and cultures have different concepts of the special significance of numbers.

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Numbers in the Bible

The Bible contains a lot of numbers and and often mind-boggling statistics. Other than some minor errors due to transmission, they are totally reliable. Therefore we should treat all the numbers at face value unless they are used in a rhetorical or idiomatic sense. Trying to interpret the mystical meaning of certain numbers is an unreliable exercise. For instance, Rev 13:18 talks of 666 as the mark of the beast or Anti Christ. Down through the ages, many people have tried to identify this Anti Christ and come up with answers such as Nero, Pope Leo X, Martin Luther, a bar code, etc. Such interpretation methods are subjective and should be avoided. Since the Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible does not identify the Anti Christ, we won't know what 666 really stands for until the Tribulation period.

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Some interesting links

Regrettably, practically all the sites devoted to Numerology I came across treat the subject only as something paranormal, as a form of divination, or an esoteric tool for personal enhancement.

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