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Hi, I'm Cami, welcome to my world :) I live in the Great State of Oregon, in the beautiful Rogue Valley. I work at Southern Oregon University in Ashland as the Director of Residential Dining. I bought my first house three years ago and I a share it with two cats named Maximus and Cleopatra and a big, clumsy, dorky, lovable dog named RJ.

Right now I am going to college full time. My goal is to get my MBA but first I have to finish "fixing" the damage I did to my grades back in my younger, more party-prone days. LOL. When I get some down time I like to spend it reading, ebaying, shopping, going to movies or doing things around my house like gardening, painting or simply relaxing.

One of my passions that I rarely get to indulge these days is the theater. I am not, however, an actor. I am by choice a technician and my specialty is props. What's that?? See that phaser in Captain Picard's hand? Or the flowers Chandler gives Monica? That's a prop and I either buy, borrow or make those items for the show I am involved with. You would be amazed at what can be created from everyday stuff. I also love to attend the theater and Ashland has one of the finest professional theater companies in the country. The Oregon Shakespearean Festival is a Tony Award winning company which presents 10-12 plays in three theaters from February through October and draws many thousands of visitors every season.

These are some of the great people I've met on-line. I've met a few of them real time and they are just as terrific in person!

Here's some fun stuff to do!!

Click for Medford, Oregon Forecast

This is what the weather is like here right now. Click on the banner to go to the Weather Underground and check what the weather is doing anywhere in the world or to add a banner for your own town on your page!

Like golf? How about frisbee? I play a game that combines them both! Disc golf is fun, easy, inexpensive and just about anyone can play it. You don't play this game with your father's frisbee though... check out the offical Professional Disc Golf Association web page for all the info and where you can go to play in your area

Curious about what it looks like somewhere else at this moment? Check out Live cameras from over 1000 locations around the world!! Some of my favorites are Portland, Oregon, Yosemite National Park, Mt Everest, Africams, Discovery Channel Cams and not to be missed... ScooterCAM and Guinea Pig TV!

One of my closet friends adopted two little girls from Haiti, her sister is adopting three children of her own from there and now I am seriously considering it myself. The Haiti Childrens Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that is doing good works in one of the poorest places on earth. Click on the link above to find out what they are doing and how you can help.

One of my favorite places to visit whenever I am in up north in Portland is Powell's City of Books. The largest bookstore in the USA (maybe even the world) and certainly one of a kind. They stock over a million new and used books (and even some out of print books). You can search their database and have them mail ordered directly to you in a few days for just a few dollars! Although there is nothing quite like the actual experience of walking in the door....

Creative? Kid at heart? Like to color? Me too!! check out Crayola's home page!!

Or do you like to build things with those great little colored bricks?? Check out the Lego Home Page or click here and see some of the fun and amazing creations of other Lego-maniacs!!

Want to catch a movie? Check out Movie Web for current movie reviews and previews of soon to be released movies from all the major studios. And as a bonus you can download fun stuff like movie posters, pictures, clips and other cool things!

Live Long and Prosper! I admit it...I am a Trekker. Check out The Star Trek Homepage to find anything and everything about one of the greatest television phenomenons ever!

Try testing your brain power at The Riddler. A fun and challenging place for interactive multi and single player games for COOL prizes!!

Love those little chocolate pieces with the candy coated shell?? Check them out in their home environment at The M&M studios

Chataholic's Guide

You can usually find me on IRC playing trivia on Chatnet at #1WorldMIRC or on GalaxyNet at #Qwiz. I have become a trivia fiend and you can find me playing most evenings under my other nickname WildThyme.

Want to talk to me directly? try Yahoo Messenger where I can be found under the nickname camisplace.

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