Hello my friends,

Some of you may be ending up here for the first time, some of you may be "repeat customers." But for everyone, I have an announcement. You may have noticed that I haven't done much to this website. I'm afraid I just don't have the time. I've got a million other projects going on. This page is kind of outdated for me, since it hasn't changed a whole lot since I first set it up over two years ago. Anyway, my point is, I'm probably just going to let it rot here from now on. I won't be adding things to it or fixing broken links or making it more readable. Oh wait, I almost never did those last two things anyway. Oh well.

The page is going to remain here, since I did put a lot of work into it and I occasionally get the idea that people still find it useful, from the e-mails I get. Also, you corvid lovers out there, don't worry about the crows and ravens webring, it will still be kept up and running in the same inefficient way it has always been.

By the way, there are other webpages that I have somehow been a part of, you can check them out if you want. I've never before linked between my different webpages for some odd reason. I think because I show different parts of myself to different people, now I'm going to finally connect it all. What fun.
Pictures Page: I got a scanner and scanned a whole bunch of shit for no apparent reason.
My Japanese Obsession Page which was never really worked on. But there's pictures. Gosh, I love my scanner.
I've mentioned before that I like Roleplaying, haven't I? Well, check out my Play by E-mail Roleplaying game: The World of Daimonthet.
Did you know that I'm an obedience instructor? Here's the Lynnwood PETsMART Obedience Page I started making and never finished. It has frames. I had never done frames before, and tried it on this page because I wanted something new.
If you like rodents, keep an eye on Seven Crows Rodent Ranch, a webpage I'm working on for a friend of mine who breeds rodents. She named it after my publishing company, which you'll hear more about later. That one will be updated when my friend has something for me to put on it, so don't bug me about when it's going to be worked on. The only rodent I like is rats, so don't expect me to get really invovled in it.
Here's a scary Pokemon thing I worked on for a bit, PokeWars. Don't ask.

I may soon set up a webpage that will simply be for storing my writing. If you liked my poetry, stories, and essays, check back on this page for the new address.

Anyway, on to the real page. And if you want, you can e-mail me.

BTW: if you want to talk to me, my new ICQ is: 32448422, I'm on AIM as SailorCarp, and I hang out on the newsgroups alt.games.final-fantasy.hentai and alt.games.nintendo.pokemon.hentai. Don't go there if you're a straight edge pansy. Thanks, luv ya, bye


-September 06, 1999-