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Learn to play BY EAR!

      Thanks  for  stopping  by!   This  site  has  been
      designed to give you a little information about me
      and my family.

      I  have  written  the code  for  this  site  using 
      Windows Notepad, Homesite and a html editor called
      Arachnophilia.  It has been viewed mainly  through 
      Internet Explorer and I'm not sure how it looks in
      in Netscape.  So if you seem to be having problems  
      viewing any  of the  pages,  I  apologize, and  if 
      you  don't  mind,  could  you  drop  me  an  email 
      stating the problem.  
      Nonetheless,   please  take  your  time  and  look
      around. And don't forget to sign my guestbook.