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Well, I guess this site needs little explanation,....It is my ever growing picture collection created for Glenshadows Tavern, all within K limits and size limits,....They are divided into four categories as shown below,... I would appreciate any and all links to pic sites on the net which have a lot of pics not in use or that I do not already have,.. This archive can only grow with cooperation from the patrons, I created this site because ever since the cobra went down patrons have had to scrounge around for pics on their own, or ask others for them. This site gives new patrons easy access to quality images...Thank you for coming,..

Directions for those unitiated with using pics,...Find the pic you would like, Click your right mouse button over it, Drag down to copy image location,...Go back or to the chat room, and press Ctrl+v(at the same time) into the Picture URL: box, It should show up on the second post you make afterwards,...Enjoy!,..

The Elves Men Women Monsters & the Undead


  • The elves pic also feature the Drow, and are not organized by gender,
  • Many of these pics may be taken, especially after this page grows older,
  • In case of the above, I will not tolerate arguements in the tavern over who's pic is who,..E-mail me your side of the story, and the name of the one you are having problems with and I will look into it,
  • It is encouraged that you save the pic you are using from here to your harddrive, even though I have backups,... Geocities is not always stable, and sometimes experiences problems, You may upload your pic to a different server if you wish and use it there.
  • Each page will take a fair amount of time to load, so don't become impatient, The pictures are worth it.
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