When the wind howls
When tears fall like rain
The Master's Wings protect
The flowers in His garden
Until the Son shines again...

Welcome to my garden - please wander as you will, and if you care to enjoy the piped in music that I have installed throughout, there is a blue-eyed unicorn stationed in every section of the garden who will play it for you. You may have to turn it off yourself in order to hear the song in the next section, however...

The first flower bed that you see contains the blossoms from my soul.

If you would like to join me beside the lily pond, I will tell you a little about myself.

My children are all here - I would like for you to meet them.

My philosophy on life is being discussed in the grove of dogwood trees.

There is a bard under the weeping willow tree, with a sad story to tell...

If you would like to rest for a bit, there are wicker chairs and benches on a patio. You may partake of refreshments, and listen to the various gossip that floats through the air around you...

Please stop by my Japanese garden to read my haiku

Unicorns have been spotted in my garden! Follow the path to the glade in the amaranth flowers to see them!

I have constructed a galleria of family photographs. You are welcome to stroll through it and look at our pictures!

I am constructing a memorial garden for my husband - feel free to look at what is there so far...

Our troops need our prayers!

If you are interested in a pet, please stop by the animal shelter to see what is available! You can locate pets from any location from the following spots in my garden!

Animal Breed Zip Code
guests have strolled through these gates

There is a guestbook on the table in the honeysuckle bower - please sign it so that I can acknowledge your visit!

Feel free to see who else has wandered these paths...

After you've strolled through my garden, feel free to contact me to let me know how you enjoyed your visit!

So much has changed since September 11, 2001. Hopefully, that was a wake-up call for the Christians of the nation to walk in unity, and get the Lord's work done. We are truly living in the end times, and His return could be at any moment! In the meantime:
Pray for our President

Terry Orchard, my brother in Christ, has written this poem that I would like to share...

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