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My pages are graphically intense and may take
awhile to load. I promise you that it is worth
the wait.

"This site was last updated on Feb.1,2000"

The above picture will take you to a Page made in
their Honor....The Students, Teachers and Families


Thy AngelEyes's Worlds


Welcome to my Worlds, you will find many different
places to visit and enjoy. I am always making changes
and adding new "Worlds" so I hope that you will be
back.....You will also find a Link to Thy AngelEyes Card
Shoppe..Tis a new World for me, this Card Shoppe. I hope
that all who visit doth enjoy their stay. Thy Lady
hath also updated and added much to her Chronic Pain,
Missing Children's and For Our POW/MIA's sites. I have
a new section called AngelEyes Network, Beauty From Within
It is a web ring with Support Group for those who have
a Beauty Within themselves and their sites...

AngelFalls was created by D. Burpee and is used with
his permission on my sites. Please do not copy or take
his animations without his written permission.
Thank you so much, Dave, for sending me
this beautiful and breathtaking Angel:))


~ There Is A Place Where You Are Not Alone ~

There is a place where you are not alone.
Where walls can't bind what seems a shattered soul.
Here courage thrives and joy can set you free.
Despite the pain, you're all that you can be.
A healing place
in which to set each goal
The part of you that's loving
remains whole.
Though colors of your life may change
their hue.
Windows let in the light;
not just the view.
To hear your voice.
To make each choice your own.
Within this place where you are not alone.

Author: Eleanora N. Gambino, Written: August 18, 1988
September, 1997, © Eleanora N. Gambino.

Eleanora gave me permission to use this poem. It is
copyrighted. Please do not take this poem and use it
without her permission.

The art on this page is the work of Jonathon Earl
Bowser. To see more of his art, please visit the pages
"AngelEyes's Dreams,Thy AngelEyes's Place, Wild Eyes, Wild Eyes 2,
Braveheart & Angel and Tis M'ladys World".I hope you enjoy
his art as much as I do.....You will also find a link
to his wonderful Gallery.

This link will take you to my "Missing Childrens Page"
It is every parents nightmare that their child could
come up missing. This page is a Dedication to all of
Our Missing Children.

This Link will take you to AngelEyes Card Shoppe,
where you can send and pickup your cards..
Angeleyes opened on January 8, 1999
Tis much work that I must do to have it ready
for thee and thy friends..

This link will take Thee to "For Our POW/MIA's" and there
ye will meet Jerry Lee Roe who has been missing since
Feb.12,1968 and many others. Tis a site full of information
on our POW/MIA's and what we can do to help. Tis a cause
that is close to mine heart:))

This will take Thee to "AngelEyes World of Chronic Pain Network"
Tis a world that troubles many....including myself.
I have just moved this site to a new address and have
much to add. Please take the time to visit this site,
it may help you or someone that you know...


Enter into My Worlds through the door above. My worlds
are graphically intense and take awhile to load but Thy
Angel doth promise thee that it is worth thy wait...

Wouldst Thee be so kind as to sign Thy Lady's
Guestbook while ye here. Thy Angel doth Thank Thee...

Or you can email me with any suggestions
that you may have on making this site better.


Guestbook #3 is full, to read the entries, please
click on the link above...Thank you

Tis my old guestbook #2 with more beautiful entries

Tis my old guestbook #1 with many beautiful entries


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For Our POW/MIA's

This Menu will take you to more of my pages

Welcome To AngelEyes World of Chronic Pain Network

Here you will find My World of Chronic Pain, Missing
Children, Other Causes and much more...

Thy AngelEyes's Worlds!

Here you will meet Thy Temptress and Braveheart....

I received this award on April 1,1999 from POW/MIA Freedom

Thank you so much, Jen and to everyone who voted for
My web page "In Honour of Thomas Moore"
The link below will take you to Thomas Moore's Page.
In Honour of Thomas Moore

The Link above will take you to POW/MIA Freedom Fighters
Find out how you can help Our POW/MIA's


Opal Jo Jenning

Opal Jo Jennings has been missing since Mar.26,1999
from her Saginaw, TX home. She was abducted by a man
late that afternoon. The police have very little to go
on. If you have any information as to her whereabouts,
please contact the Saginaw Police and FBI, phone number is:
Please pray for her safe return.......

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It is my full intention to give everyone full credit for
graphics, poetry and anything else used within these
pages. If I have overlooked anyone, please let me and
I will either remove or give "credit" where credit is

This Link will take you to Jonathon Bowser's art
gallery where you find more of his art.

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