Life With the Monacelli's

We are the Monacelli's
Amedeo, Kathy, Rosie, Teddy & Tony

Our lives are always so busy we don't often take the time to let others know what we are doing, what we have done or what we are into at this time. Our lives move at a fast pace. Take time to enjoy us.

Rosie is 16.
She's driving.
She just finished her Sophmore year at DSHA.
She's working at Barnes & Noble.

Favorite web site -- her web page.

Teddy is almost 15.
He just graduated from 8th grade at St. Alphonsus School.
He plays violin with MYSO.
He is a Life Boy Scout.
He will be going to Pius H.S. in fall.

His favorite web page is

    Tony is 12.
    Tony will be a 7th grader at St. Alphonsus in fall.
    Tony still loves his sports. He just finished baseball and soccer.
    Tony just earned his RED belt in Karate.
    Tony is a Tenderfoot Scout. Hopefully he'll earn his 2nd Class at Camp next week.

    Tony is computer phobic but he would really this website