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We are a small hobby breeder located in northern Nevada. Our goal is to better the breed and to breed animals that meet the GSD standard. We strive to produce deep pigmented, black & red animals that are sound, with great temperament & lots of personality. Our motto is, "Quality not Quantity". Therefore, we will only plan 1-3 litters per year. All of our breeding stock is OFA certified (or at least prelimed) and/or "a" stamped & at least two years of age. Every animal in our program is registered with the AKC & in some instances with the SV in Germany as well. We will never intentionally breed or sell a faulty animal nor will we sell an animal without first telling the perspective buyer everything that we know about the animal. We want our new puppy owners to be happy with their new family member as well as making sure our puppies are in the best home for them. Therefore, we will be happy to help you pick the best puppy for you and your situation. We are affiliated with other breeders so if you don't find what you are looking for here, we will be glad to assist you in your search for another reputable breeder. Please enjoy your visit to Angel Haven Kennels.

The picture of the gorgeous GSD above is our matriarch. Her name is Quenti aus Agrigento. She is an exceptional bitch that was imported from Germany out of Agrigento Kennels. Unfortunately, Quenti, never whelped any pups that survived. She remains our matriarch as she is what we strive for in our breeding program. She has absolutely correct conformation & beautiful deep pigmentation. She has a very desirable temperament & is extremely protective of her human family. Besides that, she is very lovable and loving as well. If every puppy we whelp could be like our girl, Quenti, we would be the most successful GSD breeding kennel. Unfortunately, not every animal can be this good, but it is our desire & goal to breed the most correct, best tempered, most sound animal that can be found in the United States. We hope you agree that we have reached this goal after browsing our site and seeing our GSDs.



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Thank you so much Desy Productions for my title graphic and all of the supportive help during the construction of my website. I might not be a fast learner, but I did eventually "get it".

All of the professional pictures of my dogs were taken on location by Lynn Brown from Work of Art Fine Art Photography. She is an excellent photographer, a GSD lover & a great person. Thanks Lynn for the wonderful pictures of all of my fur babies.

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